Ants are a very annoying problem that no matter how much you clean up, they never seam to go away. Our technicians are experienced in treating for ants to the interior and exterior of buildings and homes.

Ants are scavenger pests, feeding off food and rubbish not cleaned away properly and because they travel in these areas, carry diseases. They also excavate the sand and dirt from under slabs, paths and walls which if the infestation is bad enough, can result in cracking and pavers to subside. They live in small colonies or nests with a queen and travel along the same trail relying on their senses of smell, taste and touch mainly to find their food source. In Sydney the two main ant species that cause problems are the coastal brown ant and the black house ant.

Bull ant  Ants in sewer pipe

Treatment is carried out by inspecting the area for nests and if possible by following the ant trails to improve the speed of nest eradication. Granules and ant cafe’ stations can also be applied in the path of ants if a nest cannot be located for  direct treatment.

Prevention is often fairly easily achieved by ensuring areas which have food are cleaned thoroughly such as kitchen surfaces and any areas where food is consumed (inside and out), pet feeding areas can also often attract ants if not all the food is eaten. If there is no food available for ants, the colony will not survive.

Sand mined from under pavers  Ants created a lead up the wall