Birds and Lice

Our technicians are experienced in locating entry points birds are using for access to your roof and in treating lice safely and effectively.

Miner bird eggs in roof void

Nesting birds can cause many problems for home owners and commercial buildings alike.

Birds are usually a seasonal pest, looking for a warm roof void to build their nest in, this can lead to problems with bird lice after the birds have left the nest. Birds such as cockatoos can also damage timbers around the exterior of the home in particular cedar windows and panelling which can be very expensive to replace.

Birds also build nests in guttering which then blocks the water flow, causing overflow and may lead to moisture problems within the home. Their droppings are unsightly on commercial buildings and carry Salmonella which can be contracted by humans.

Bird droppings

In homes with a nest, it is usually best to wait until the birds have left the nest and the replace the broken roof tiles or block holes they have used for access. A lice treatment may be required if people are feeling itchy or have bites. As lice are parasites which require a blood meal to survive and reproduce the will move out of the roof and onto humans if the birds are no longer available.

The installation of bird spikes is effective in deterring bird roosting. These spikes are glued into place in the areas of bird activity to prevent further damage to property.

Bird spikes on fence


While birds are in the nest bird lice will remain on the birds, however once the words have left the lice leave and spread out looking for  another food source (blood meal) which is when the home occupants start to feel bitten.