Carpet Beetles

A thorough inspection must be carried out to ensure all areas of activity are treated as only the most damaged areas may be noticed initially.

Black carpet beetle      Verigated carpet beetle

Our technicians are trained to detect and treat carpet beetle larvae to prevent further damage to your floor coverings and other items which may be susceptible to attack.

Carpet beetles don’t just damage carpet, they will eat a variety of materials of animal origin, such as wools, furs, feathers, silk, leather, carpets, underlays and rugs.


This damage will occur during their larval stage which lasts around 9 months. The adult beetle prefers to feed on nectar and pollen, so will fly outside to feed on flowers etc.

The two most common species in Sydney are the variegated carpet beetle and the black carpet beetle, both are destructive and require treatment. They are 3-5mm long with an oval shape and either black or yellow/white/black coloured.

Carpet beetles usually prefer to stay in dark areas with little activity, such as behind a chair in a corner, and their presence may not be detected for some time if for example, below furniture which is not normally moved during vacuuming or cleaning.

Any infested clothing can be treated by placing in a tightly closed black plastic bag and hanging in the hot sun for at least 3 hours and then washed thoroughly.

When bringing cut flowers into the house, check for any carpet beetles which may be feeding on the pollen.