At Livermore & Son we take the complete approach to solving your cockroach problems.

American cockroach  German cockroach

All our technicians are experienced in dealing with cockroaches and finding the best combination of treatment methods to best suit your needs. We show great care for your health and the environment.

Cockroaches are very good at hiding in very small spaces because of their flat bodies. They breed very quickly and are mature in 2-3 months. Young cockroaches do not have wings and are smaller than the adult.

Depending on the species, cockroaches are most commonly found in areas such as in cracks and crevices in the kitchen, around hot water systems, cupboard hinges, drains, in the roof, subfloor area, around electrical appliances and near garbage.

Treatment requires that the area is kept clean and free from any food scraps, dirty dishes need to be washed not left overnight. Pet feeding bowls are very attractive to cockroaches. Cockroaches also feed and breed in sewers and from garbage which carried disease.

Cockroaches caught on trap

The species must be identified to ensure the best treatment is selected. We use powders, sprays, gels and traps which are used in combination to ensure effective results. We also offer a warranty period for your piece of mind. Should any reinfestation occur during this time the area will be retreated at no charge.

The most common cockroach found in homes, especially kitchens is the German Cockroach which is light brown in colour with two black stripes on their heads. They are smaller than the American cockroach with the adult growing to around 2cm in length. German cockroaches like to live inside preferring warm kitchens with food and water. The female lays an egg sac from which 30 young cockroach may emerge.

German Cockroach

American cockroaches grow to around 5cm long (double the size of the German cockroach) and are happy to live either inside or outside preferring moist areas like drains. These are a much darker brown colour.

American cockroach