Everything here looks fine right?

No, not fine at all. There are a couple of issues with this property which should really stand out as a red flag to a termite inspector.

Notice the pipe running down the wall from the air conditioner. Not such a big deal? Unfortunately this has caused major problems for these owners. This was already a cool shaded area, but the water not being piped to a drain has encouraged the weeds to flourish blocking the air vent to the sub floor, in addition to this the water has seeped into the ground and through to the flooring timbers creating the damp conditions that termites love, and yes, their house was attacked.

Notice the sawdust looking area just under the blue line? That’s termites.

Regular termite inspections are incredibly important, not only to report on any termite activity, but to identify any areas which are a high risk and suggest ways to lower the chance of termite attack.

In this case, simply adding a length of garden hose to the end of the pipe and running it to a drain would have saved the cost of a termite treatment.

The other thing people tend to forget is property value. When this owner eventually sells, the purchasers pest report will identify that there has been termite damage here and that it will be impossible to determine the full extent of the damage without exposing concealed areas(this means opening up walls, removing floor coverings etc.) A property which has had termite activity can scare off many buyers, or result in a lower sale price.

Is putting off your termite inspection till next year really worth the risk?