A thorough inspection of the area is carried out to determine of possums are present. If they are a cage is placed inside the roof (sometimes outside if more suitable) and the caught possum is relocated to a more suitable area with trees for nesting in accordance with regulations.

Brushtail Possum    Brushtail possum with baby


There are strict laws on the handling and removal of possums from their natural habitat. They cannot be poisoned or harmed and doing so can attract large fines as they are protected animals.

Noises in the roof can be made by either rodents or possums, so a thorough inspection by our technician is required first to confirm what action needs to be taken by identifying droppings. For more information on rodents please see our Rodents page.

The two species of possum found in Sydney are the Ringtailed and the Brushtailed possum, both of these will enter roof voids when there is no suitable trees available for nesting. Possums sleep during the day in the roof where they are safe and emerge at night to search for food and water.

Possums usually prefer to eat fruits, so this is what we use inside our cage traps. The traps are checked daily until the possum is caught.

When the possum has been caught it is advisable to block any holes or repair any roof tiles that may be used for access to prevent future possum access.  We can usually block smaller holes, but a roof repairer or handyman may be required for larger jobs.

If you find a possum inside your home, please do not touch it. They are cute, have very good night vision, poor daylight vision, and have long sharp teeth and claws, and may attack when scared so please leave it be until a technician arrives.

Mother and baby  Possum