Rats and mice spread diseases harmful to humans. Sanitation, trapping baiting and blocking entry points are all essential steps in the process of rodent control.


Rats have incisor teeth that are constantly growing ( like our fingernails ) and need to be trimmed by gnawing. This can cause substantial damage to items stored in the infested area, and damage to electrical cables especially within roof voids, which can result in fire.

A single pair of rodents can produce over 400 offspring per year.

Rodents feed off plant and animal products and use the same route to and from food sources and have highly developed senses of taste and smell. Mice usually receive enough water from their food sources, but rats must find water.


Rodents leave their droppings and urine on surfaces on which they travel and will leave greasy smear marks where they have brushed past an obstacle making identification of an infestation fairly obvious.

Management is achieved by a combination of baiting, trapping, blocking holes and attention to hygiene.

If you hear noises in your roof, it must be determined that is was caused by a rodent and not a possum, as possums are protected and large fines are involved if they are poisoned.