Silverfish are often found in roof voids, sub floor areas, wall cavities and any other dark undisturbed places.



Treatment of silverfish is an involved process using a variety of products. Generally a treatment is needed to all areas of the house (interior, roof void, sub floor, garage, in cupboards etc.) Our technicians are experienced in locating silverfish and will be happy to assist you.

Silverfish have scales over their flat bodies, are about 1.5cm long with antennae and are often silver in colour. They also have 3 long appendages at their rear, are nocturnal and not known to carry disease.

Because of their liking of paper, any boxes of files, stored books should be checked for signs of silverfish.

Compared to other insects silverfish have a very long lifespan and can be up to 4 years in ideal conditions.

If silverfish are found in a cupboard, please remove all articles on the floor and on any top shelf before treatment to ensure effective knockdown of the pest and stop any further damage to your important items.