Stored product pests

In most cases simply removing the infested product without allowing the pests to contaminate any other foodstuffs will solve the problem. If a treatment is required, our technicians will inspect and advise you accordingly on the best way to stop the infestation and prevent the situation again.

There are several pests which are a problem when it comes to stored foods, this page will provide information on moths and beetles mainly, however rodents and cockroaches are also a pest of stored food. Please see the rodents of cockroach pages for more specific information on each of there if required.

Stored product pests are a problem at all points of storage and transportation of food stuffs. They usually prefer the warm conditions and will spend their entire lives within the food product.

In most cases if you find a stored product pest such as moths, beetles, weevils or Grain borers (not the type that eat wood) in a product in your pantry such as rice or flour, the best and cheapest method of treatment is to seal the infested food inside a plastic bag so the infestation cannot spread and dispose of it in the bin.

To prevent further contamination of other products occurring again, store all opened products in a sealed air tight container.

Treatment of food while infested without contamination of the food is not possible. Usually the product will contain the pest when you purchase it and it is much cheaper to replace a kilo of flour than it is to have your pantry and kitchen treated for these pests.

If you have an ongoing problem with stored product pests and cannot find the source of the problem a treatment may be required, in which case we  would thoroughly inspect the area to determine the best course of treatment for your specific pest. In most cases this is prevented by high standards of hygiene. Do not leave food uncovered where it can cause a problem.

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