Termite Treatments

Termite treatments will vary from property to property as homes are constructed differently and there are several species of termites that attack homes. We will identify the species to determine the best treatment to suit your home.

Termite treatments can be very expensive, but when you have activity are essential. We will meet with you at your property to provide you with a free quote and advise you on the treatments we would recommend.

Termite queen  Termite damage to roof timbers

Termite mud in cupboard    Termite mudding    Terite mud lead in sub floor

Please ask lots of questions, many people know nothing about termites until the damage is done. We are experts in the field and more than happy to provide you with all the information to put your mind at ease.


EXTERRA Baiting system


Painted Exterra In concrete station  Exterra in ground station      Exterra Above ground station

The Exterra termite baiting program is a very effective treatment against termites and after the colony has been eradicated can be left to detect any future attacks on the property.

Bait stations are placed around the property in the ground/concrete and if possible directly onto sites of activity. These stations are filled with bait upon which the termites feed. These stations are monitored by us every 3 – 6 weeks until feeding stops. The stations then remain in place are filled with timber strips and monitored by us every 8-12 weeks until completion of the contract period 12/24 months to detect any future attacks. After this time if you choose to continue the program, these stations can be monitored by us, or by you (a much cheaper option) so should you have termites again at any point in the future, you will not have the cost of installing another system. We are also able to offer you a $100 000 timber replacement insurance with the Exterra product as we are a quality preferred operator. The bait used in these stations has been classified as non hazardous by the National OH&S commission.


NEMESIS Baiting system


Nemesis bait bag  Nemesis in ground station  Nemesis in ground station - closed

The Nemesis system uses a different bait product but essentially works on the same principles as the Exterra system.


CHEMICAL SOIL BARRIERS – Premise Termiticide or Termidor

bayer-premise    termidor logo

Drilling concrete to inject liquid termiticide barrier  Trenching to install liquid termiticide barrier

Chemical soil barriers are not suitable where the home has been built on rock or similar surface.

The soil around the external and internal perimeter of the base of the home is trenched and/or drilled and the trench flooded and back fill treated, or in the case of drilling, liquid termiticide is injected into the holes to create a physical barrier for the termites to pass through. When they pass through the chemically treated area they become affected and will die. A follow up inspection of the infested areas is usually carried out 3 months after the treatment (sooner if required depending on the property) to ensure all activity has ceased.


POWDER TREATMENT – Termidor dust

Termite dusting

Powder treatments are effective against termites, however there needs to be a large amount of accessible activity for us to use this method and usually requires several applications. Termites pass through the dust, return to the nest and infect the colony which will then die.



The Camilleri reticulation system is black tubing which is placed around the slab and charged with liquid termiticide. This tube has holes which allows the chemical to slowly drain into the soil and usually needs topping up every 3-4 years. We will not top up a reticulation system we have not installed as we will be unable to determine of the tubing has been laid correctly and safely.

camilleri reticulation system

For more information on termite treatments, or an obligation free quote, please contact us.